What is MOMS Club NELA?

MOMS Club NELA is a local chapter of MOMS Club International, founded to provide daytime support for at-home mothers.  Our club is run by volunteer members and we host a variety of playgroups, events and activities each month for moms, families and children.

MOMS Club is about Moms Offering Moms Support! Read more about our organization here.

Who can join MOMS Club NELA?

MOMS Club NELA membership is currently open to all moms who live in Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Mt. Washington, Glassell Park, Cypress Park (90041, 90042, 90065) and the Montecito Heights area of 90031.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please click here.

I live outside Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Mt. Washington, Glassell Park, Cypress Park, Montecito Heights, can I join Moms Club NELA?

MOMS Club boundaries are set by MOMS Club International and are designed to make sure that clubs can offer support to member moms when and where they need it most, therefore we are unable to accept new members outside of our boundaries.

If you live outside the neighborhoods listed, please fill out the FIND A CHAPTER form on the MOMS Club International site and you will be matched with the chapter nearest you.

I’m expecting/due with my first, can I join MOMS Club NELA?

Congratulations! While you’re certainly a mom in our eyes, we’ve found that our club events are most beneficial to moms in the weeks/months/years after a child is born. We are working on a list of mom-approved resources for prenatal moms that will be linked here once it’s completed. Please check back with us.

I work full time/part time/gig/freelance, can I join MOMS Club NELA?

Yes.  Playgroups typically meet during the week/daytime however we try to host a variety of events each month that work with different schedules, such as Moms Night Out and weekend family events.

I’m a dad/SAHD, can I join Moms Club NELA?

Probably. We generally allow dads/stay-at-home-dads to join our club, however requests are subject to membership approval.

What are the dues? What do they go toward?

MOMS Club NELA is a non-profit organization and we take that role seriously.  A small portion of our dues income goes toward member-benefitting activities and the rest goes toward operating expenses, and donations to other non-profits. Last year we were able to make significant donations to the Downtown Women’s Center and Miry’s List.

Dues are currently $25/year (plus marginal paypal fee where applicable).  We are able to waive dues in cases of financial hardship. Please contact us directly to discuss this.